Republic of Yemen

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Following the accomplishing of the blessing Yemeni unity on 22nd May, 1990. Aden was appellate and designated as the Economic and Commercial Capital of The Republic of Yemen.

The Government put in its mind to benefit from Aden potentialities (Geographical, Economical, Humanistic and Historical) among its economic tasks priorities. Its development and qualification for the establishment of full-integrated Free Zone which makes Aden as Hub for international Trade and supporting various country’s income recourses within a free economic policy.

On 3rd January 1991, a joint meeting was held in Aden between the Presidential Council and the Council of Ministers, The Resolution No. (209) of 1991 was issued by the meeting. Announced that Aden is a free Zone and the procedures to establish an Authority for the Free Zones Administration.

On 25th April, 1991, Republican resolution No. (49) of 1991 was issued concerning the establishment of Yemen Free Zones Public Authority. The Resolution sated that the Authority is a Body enjoying financial independent, and comes under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister; its Header quarter is situated in the city of Sana’a. The resolution specified duties and responsibilities for managing, investing and developing the free zones that are created in the Republic.

On 1st April 1993. The Free Zones Law No. (4) was issued stated that, “ By virtue of the Provisions of this Law, a Free Zone , converting the city of Aden shall be established. The Free Zones system shall be applied therein by stages. The Council of Ministers, by a resolution published in the official Gazette, shall prescribe the Geographical boundaries of the Free Zone and the locations where the application shall commence and the date thereof”.

on 25th April, 1993. The Prime Minister’s Resolution No. (65) of 1993 was issued, sets out the locations and their geographical boundaries the application of the free Zone system shall be commenced. The resolution specified (15) sites in the Aden Governorate to create the free Zones development projects in accordance with the proposals of the Aden Free Zones master plan. The total area of these sites is ( 32348) hectares.


Aden Free Zone’s Vision

develop Aden to become:

  • A major sea and air cargo hub.

  • Attractive investment location and.

  • World-class trade center in the region.

So as to benefit from the city’s location and the existing facilities


Functions of the Free Zone

  • Import, Export and transit trade and merchandise processing.

  • Warehousing.

  • Light industries.

  • Heavy industries.

  • Petro-chemical industries.

  • Tourism.

  • General services.