Republic of Yemen

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Choosing the Aden Free Zone

The Aden Free Zone (AFZ) has many advantages not found together anywhere else in the region:

  • Distinctive geographical location

  • Natural port approach up to 40 m deep with easily-dredged channels

  • Highly developed pilotage facilities for navigation

  • Abundant land areas of about 325 square km for expansion and development.

  • Growing markets of over 200 million consumers nearby in the rapidly expanding Gulf Co-operation Council economies and other regional states.

  • Warehousing and distribution zone facilities convenient for Africa, the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

  • Availability of abundant cost-effective local human resources.


Advantage Aden

  • The southern gateway to the booming Arabian peninsula.

  • Crossroads of the East Africa and Middle East regions.

  • Yemen’s leading business center.

  • A magnificent protected natural harbor.

  • A business tradition dating back many centuries.

  • At the heart of trade routes linking Europe with South Asia and the Far East.

Approximate distance from Aden to major Asian and European ports (nautical miles)

Amsterdam 4690
Colombo 2100
London 4630
Mumbai 1660
Singapore 3630


Aden Container Terminal within the AFZ offers major trade advantages

  1. In an ideal geographical location, the up to 18 m deep port includes the most modern container handling equipments.

  2. Many global line vessels call frequently due to quick and convenient shipping times at minimum cost.

  3. A large power station with a capacity soon to rise to 28 megawatts.

  4. Integrated warehousing space with advanced specifications suitable for investor needs.

  5. Proximity to the Industrial and Warehousing Estate, Aden International Airport, administrative and service facilities including banks.