Republic of Yemen

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Benefits to the Investor

The free zone offers the investor numerous incentives:

  • Tax exemptions for industrial and commercial projects on profit and income tax for a 15 year period, with extensions of up to 10 years for projects that:
    • Export 75% or more of their products over a 15 year period.
    • Employ more than 100 workers.
    • Use more than 75% of their production inputs from local raw materials.

  • Exemption on import & export duties and fees for goods brought in designated for export.
  • Exemption on import & export duties, fees and production tax for goods manufactured in the free zone for export.
  • Tax exemption on salaries, wages and bonuses for non-Yemeni employees and workers.
  • Freedom of transfer of capital and profits outside the Free Zone.
  • Freedom of transfer of salary, wages and bonuses for Non-Yemeni employees and workers.


Guarantees to the Investor

Projects are protected by legal guarantees against:

  • Nationalization or confiscation.
  • Seizure or freezing of project funds.
  • Projects under the law have the right:

  • To be 100% foreign owned and benefit from all concessions granted by the Free Zone Law.

  • The freedom to employ non-Yemeni's, taking into consideration:
    • Equal opportunity of local manpower that fulfills the job specification required.
    • Not to employ nationals of countries which are subject to boycott resolutions.


Open System for Settlements

  • Disputes concerning investment activity in the Free Zone between different project owners or between projects and the Authority can be submitted to arbitration tribunal or to the relevant Court.